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D.C. Metro Area

The Washington, D.C. Metro Area is an iconic city with a long history of activism, social justice, and public service. It is a beacon for young men and women aspiring to have an impact on our country’s future. However, as more of these professional opportunities become available, so does the need for a college degree. By 2020, an estimated 70 percent of all jobs in the region will require a Bachelor’s degree. Despite concerted efforts to improve educational outcomes for students, significant gaps in college completion and job attainment persist, particularly for students from low-income communities.

Prince George’s County, MD is one of the 25 largest school districts in the country, but only 36 percent of the county’s population holds a Bachelor’s degree. The District’s Ward 8 is home to largest concentration of high school students, yet almost half of these students travel outside of Ward 8 to attend high school, and just 14 percent go on to earn a Bachelor’s degree.

In partnership with Kevin Durant and the Prince George’s County Public Schools, we will open our first center in the D.C. Metro Area in Kevin’s hometown of Prince George’s County in the Fall of 2018, where we will welcome 60 students from Suitland High School. Over the next three years, we will open two additional centers in Washington, D.C., with the goal of serving over 1,700 students annually by 2030. With the combined efforts of students, families, and local partners, we are determined to change the narrative for students living in and around our nation’s capital.

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Key Stats

  • Year Opened2018
  • Size of Initial Cohort60
  • First High School Graduates2022
  • First College Graduates2026

College Track D.C. Metro Area Team

  • Susan StevensonRegional Executive Director, Washington D.C. Metro Area

  • Neils Ribeiro-YemofioLaunch Director, Washington D.C. Metro Area

  • Jane SpenceSite Director, Prince George's County

  • Johnel TrammellOperations Manager, Prince George's County

  • Christopher VickAcademic Affairs Director, Prince George's County

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Suitland, MD 20746
Phone (301) 453-5510