Join our Movement to Democratize Potential

Join a team of talented individuals driven by a shared passion to democratize potential. Lead a nationwide college completion movement alongside College Track scholars, and witness the impact of their talents on the world.

We thrive on diverse perspectives. We believe that intentional exchanges generate powerful ideas and innovative practices that propel us toward our mission.

Discover a career with purpose. Be a part of meaningful work that encourages scholars to tap into their power to achieve their dreams . We are seeking an array of talents—from accountants to educators, data analysts, fundraisers, counselors. Your unique skills are the key to unlocking potential.

“Our cohesiveness and adaptability is our unique strength. We are happy to jump in any way, big or small, to help one another where needed. College Track’s core values are at the forefront of what we do every day. We walk the talk, and that is very encouraging and inspiring.”

Ruchi Gupta, Senior Accountant

“What I appreciate most about College Track’s culture is the genuine joy I experience in my role every day. Being a part of a team that is as passionate as I am about the work we do is incredibly rewarding. This is a dynamic culture where every contribution is acknowledged and valued and where unique talents and perspectives are appreciated.

College Track’s mission holds a special resonance for me, particularly as an alumna who navigated the challenges of systemic barriers in education… Education played a pivotal role in providing me with opportunities, and it’s my personal mission to contribute to a more inclusive and supportive educational environment where every student, regardless of their background, is provided with the opportunities to thrive and realize their potential…”

N'Dia Ramsey, 9th & 10th Senior Leadership Coach, College Track New Orleans

“It’s hard to identify one thing I love most about what I do. However, central is watching our scholars grow from high school freshmen to actualizing their dreams and full potential. I especially appreciate the heart to hearts, the joking around, and the moments where I coach them through life’s twists and turns. In my new position as Director of Program, I’ve really enjoyed supporting and celebrating my team. My team —locally and nationally— are some of the most inspiring, passionate, courageous, and talented people I have ever met in my life.

As a leader in this work, I am doing everything I can to develop my leadership capacity. This has ranged from accepting a position on University of Miami’s Advisory Board to becoming a NCAN’s Leading for Equity Fellow. None of this journey would be possible without College Track. This organization has given me the confidence, guidance, and flexibility to pursue these opportunities, and, thanks to funding through College Track’s Professional Development Grant, I’ve been able to attend conferences, exchange best practices, and strengthen my connections in the college access space.”

Elizabeth Smith, Director of Programs, College Track New Orleans

Our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Philosophy

College Track’s mission to ensure our students earn a college degree calls us to disrupt historic injustices, racism, and systemic oppression. Too often, our institutions and systems limit students’ opportunities rather than set them up for a life of self-determination and freedom. College Track’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion derives from our unwavering belief that all students can, and one day will, experience a world that honors their inherent talents, gifts, and knowledge.

We believe diverse perspectives lead to stronger ideas, striking innovation, and effective practices, accelerating progress toward College Track’s mission. Therefore, we prioritize building diverse teams that reflect the experiences of our students to ensure our community shapes our approach. We also cultivate an inclusive environment and culture of belonging—a critical step in our pursuit of equity.

College Track welcomes and reveres the spectrum of human diversity and stands against bigotry, racism, sexism, heteronormativity, and all other biases that seek to undermine the dignity of all people.  The barriers our students and staff face are deeply entrenched in our society. Therefore, we regularly examine the impact of our policies, processes, and procedures and refine them to build a more equitable community.

Our Core Values

Our core values of commitment, passion, joy, authenticity, and excellence keep us grounded in our work and connected, even when we’re miles apart. Dedication to these values informs our recruitment, hiring, retention, and training processes.


We have an unwavering belief in our students. We know every College Track scholar can make it to and through college—and it is our job to equip them to do so.


We create environments rich with smiles and laughter. Hard work and joy are not mutually exclusive. The joy of doing what we love every day makes College Track a great place to work and learn. Joy inspires us to be our best, to celebrate our strengths, and to share rejuvenating moments with others. We are most impactful when we are a happy, thriving community.


We are dedicated to changing our nation’s college completion story. We are devoted to building communities in which every student has the chance to earn a four-year college degree. We achieve our mission of equity and justice through our singular goal: college completion for all of our students.


We believe relationships matter. We value honest communication, strong relationships, and a familial spirit. We build respect and trust as a team and expect our students to do the same. Our differences do not divide us—rather, they are critical to our success.


Our students deserve nothing but the best. We hold high expectations for our staff and students because we know what is possible. Each of our students and team members has potential—which will only be reached if we are accountable and disciplined. We thrive by using data to inform our work, giving and receiving feedback, and continuously reflecting on what our best can be.

We appreciate hard work.

Generous Vacation and Company Holidays
Comprehensive Health Insurance
Flexible Spending Account (FSA)
401K With Competitive Employer Match
Paid Parental Leave
Professional Development Opportunities

Catalyze Change

We are looking for extraordinary leaders who have a strong track record of achievement and share an unwavering belief in the power of education.

At College Track, you will join an exciting workplace where everyone’s lived experiences are welcomed and appreciated.

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