We Are College Track

Commitment. Passion. Joy. Authenticity. Excellence.

College Track is fiercely committed to ensuring that every one of our students earns a four-year college degree and a life of opportunity, choice, and power.

Realizing this goal requires the collective efforts of team members who are passionate about this work, derive joy from what we do, and engage in authentic relationships with each other and the College Track community of students, families, and partners.

We are educators and mentors. We are marketers and fundraisers. We are financial gurus and data analysts. We are professional advisors and Salesforce navigators.

We are each others’ champions. We are College Track.

Our Team

Shirley M. Collado, Ph.D.

President & Chief Executive Officer

Julie Gopalan

Director of Organizational Integration

Jessica Rubie

Chief of Staff to the President & CEO

Wendy Hankle

Director of Executive Communications

Rosanna Ferro, Ed.D.

Chief of Education

Menyui Leung

Executive Assistant to the President & CEO

Richard Rathburn

Vice President of Alumni, Career, and Life Design

Jenn Estrada-Feller

Vice President of College Access & Partnerships

Betty Gomez

Vice President of College Thrive

Katie Kantor

Director of Enrollment Strategy

Robel Negussie

Vice President of Finance

Shria Tomlinson

Chief of Site Strategy & Senior Advisor to the President & CEO

Jason Rivera

Vice President of Program Evaluation and Research

Tommy McDonald

Vice President of Communications

Loreal Latimer

Managing Director of Talent, Development & Culture

Zoe Melczer

Vice President of Philanthropic Operations & Initiatives

Tina Colby

Managing Director of Program Design & Training

Thomas Munoz

Managing Director of Site Strategy

Karen Draper

Chief Finance & Operating Officer

Nicole Embury

Chief Philanthropy Officer

Elizabeth Calmeyer

Director of Talent Management

Christiana Newsome

Chief People Officer

Simone Peart

Director of Facilities and Operations

Our Board of Directors

College Track is governed by a Board of Directors who bring together a wealth of experience in philanthropy, operational management, and development for non-profit organizations.

Laurene Powell Jobs
Chair and Co-Founder

David B. Singer
Vice Chair

Charles D. King
Vice Chair

Nancy Lue

Michael Beckwith

Andy Dreyfus

Safia Fasah

Lynn Feintech

Omar Karim

Cynthia Keely

Eric Kim

Darell Krasnoff

Debbra Lindo

Marc Mazur

Michael Sorrell


Timothy C. Wu

Our Ambassadors

College Track Ambassadors are an exceptional group of individuals who are deeply committed to advancing educational equity and the transformation of our scholars’ lives and the communities with whom we work. These dynamic bridge-builders serve as advisors to the Board of Directors, amplify the visibility of our mission, and commit to the long-term investment of our scholars. They nurture new partnerships in the areas of philanthropy, college and university collaborations, and in the workforce to create opportunities for scholars to lean deeper into their sense of purpose, achieve success in higher education, and jumpstart a fulfilling career trajectory. College Track is proud to welcome the members of this inaugural group:

Andy Dreyfus

Mildred Garcia, Ed.D.

Cynthia Keely 

Eric Kim

Marshall Lott 

Nancy Lue