Looped circles iconThe 10-Year Promise

Because real transformation requires real commitment.

At College Track, we know that success in college and career is a long game. Starting in ninth grade of high school, we make a 10-year promise to see each and every student through their college graduation. They make that same commitment to their future.

Our holistic program model ensures that students have the skills, resources, and mindsets they need to be competitive college applicants, thrive on a four-year campus, and experience professional success post-graduation.

The High School Years

A student’s journey with College Track begins at state-of-the art student centers that provide a safe and supportive environment to prepare for the academic, financial, and social-emotional demands of a four-year college. This is where dreams are declared, friendships are formed, and passions are discovered.

The College Track team is a family of dedicated educators who have a deep connection with each community we serve and share many of the life experiences of our students. We know firsthand what it takes to become the first in your family to earn a college degree and we infuse our centers with a culture of self-advocacy and perseverance.

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The College Years

Once in college, our advisors coach students to navigate the resources of their institutions as they hone their critical thinking abilities and advance towards graduation.

The foundation of academic proficiency, financial literacy, and extracurriculars built during high school empower our college students to persist and make the most out of the four-year campus experience. We facilitate job shadowing, networking opportunities and internships that help students connect their academics with possible career pathways.

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The Post-Graduation Years

Our mission is not just about students earning a bachelor’s degree for the sake of a bachelor’s. Their college education is a tool that grants students access to spaces where their unique perspectives and talents will be heard and celebrated.

Every class of college graduates is formally inducted into our robust Alumni Network, where they can stay connected, give back, share job opportunities, attend events, host trainings, offer advice, and take ownership of their legacy as College Track alumni. 

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Our Impact

College Track’s 10-year program is closing the college completion gap for the young people we serve. Today, our students graduate from college at a rate that is more than double the national average for low-income and first-generation students.

Furthermore, our students who start at a four-year college or university graduate at even higher rates, surpassing both their low-income peers and the general student population, regardless of socioeconomic status.


high school and college students enrolled across 10 communities


college graduates out in the world on career paths


of students matriculate to a four-year college


the national graduation rate for low-income and first-generation students