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Following our success in Aurora, College Track partnered with Denver Public Schools to open its doors on the Abraham Lincoln High School campus in 2016.

Today, more than 80 students are on the path to college and career success. In Spring 2020, we launched our first class of students to college.

Denver boasts some of the state’s largest and fastest growing industries, including aerospace, finance, energy, and healthcare. Three-quarters of new jobs typically require a bachelor’s degree. As the workforce continues to grow, there is an even greater need to prepare Denver’s residents to compete in this lucrative economy.

A View Inside…

On the first Monday of every month, the entire College Track Denver community heads to our neighborhood church for “Family Career Night,” an event designed to teach our students and their families more about career opportunities and how to pursue careers in fields they’re passionate about. Each month features new professionals from various Denver-based companies and organizations who share their own professional trajectories through a networking session and interactive panel focused on what we call The Four P’s: Passion, Purpose, Power, and Possibility.

Who We Serve


scholars and alumni


from low-income households




matriculate to a two- or four-year college

Scholar Spotlight: Moudji, Kunsmiller Creative Arts Academy

I have always been creative, however, I was unsure of how to turn my creativity into college readiness. I attend an arts high school and participate in dance classes and theater productions outside of school. Performing Arts is my passion and College Track has helped me realize that I can make it a career, by giving me a platform to further explore my dreams.

College Track makes it easy for me to connect to opportunities that will allow me to reach my goals. I love the open communication I receive from staff and how the community feels like family. I am already thinking about attending The American Musical and Dramatic Academy in Los Angeles. I know that with the encouragement of College Track, my fantasy of performing on stage professionally will become a reality.

My sister, who is also in the program, and I will become the first in our family to earn bachelor’s degrees. I am confident that College Track will help me to define my future goals and prepare for college and beyond.

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Contact us via email at den_info@collegetrack.org  or reach our Site Director, Deborah Van Roy at dvanroy@collegetrack.org.

4777 National Western Drive, Denver CO 80216

(757) 903-9380

The center is open Monday through Friday from 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM

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