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In 2011, College Track partnered with Aurora Public Schools to ensure that all students in the city would have access to Colorado’s economic opportunities.

In May 2019, our very first class graduated from college, and in spring 2020, 100 percent of our Aurora students were accepted to a four-year college.

Just east of Denver, Aurora is the third most populous city in Colorado and home to some of its biggest employers. While on average more than 80% of Aurora residents earn a high school diploma, less than 30% go on to obtain a bachelor’s degree.

A View Inside…

When our students walk into the center, they’re not only greeted with high fives and hugs; they’re surrounded by reminders of what they are working towards. This is epitomized by our College Freshman Wall, displayed under a quote from civil rights activist Angela Davis, “I’m no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I’m changing the things I cannot accept.” Portraits of our current college freshman sit side-by-side, offering motivation to our incoming students to reach higher.

Who We Serve


scholars and alumni


from low-income households




matriculate to a two- or four-year college

Scholar Spotlight: Richardo, University of Colorado Boulder

Growing up the child of Jamaican immigrants, my earliest memories of school were adults putting limits on my success. There was the time I asked for an advanced worksheet in my elementary math class and was dismissed with, “you’re not ready for that.” Later, a middle school English teacher asked me to read an essay aloud because it was so strong she thought I cheated. Or the counselors that encouraged me to set my sights on community college or state schools because a four-year college was not for students “like me.” I had other plans.

The minute College Track came to present at my school I applied. Through the program, I discovered a fire and motivation I hadn’t yet tapped into. Every once in a while I would hear all those people in my past that had labeled me a “bad kid” and wondered if they might be right. My College Track advisors never accepted that.

As a result, I was accepted to every school I applied for, including the University of Colorado Boulder, where I am now a proud graduate! I think of myself as an agent of change. I am determined to see equality achieved in my lifetime and will dedicate my life to seeing a better future for all students.

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Contact our Executive Site Director, Scarlett McFarland at smcfarland@collegetrack.org.

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The center is open Monday through Thursday from 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM

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