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We make a 10-year commitment to our students, but really our students make a lifetime commitment to themselves, their families, and their communities.

At the end of their journey with us, we want our alumni to have the full range of choices and opportunities that a college degree affords. As they embark on their professional journeys, we are right there on the sidelines cheering them on and connecting them with the resources they need to further their careers.

Every class of graduates offers new insights on what experiences in college lead to better outcomes post-graduation, feedback that both reaffirms our commitment and informs the evolution of our model–here are some highlights.

They maximize the value of their degree.

How our students go to college matters as much as where they go to college. When our students take out fewer loans, maintain their GPA, get involved with clubs on campus, and attend networking events, they are more likely to persist and feel prepared to enter the workplace.

These behaviors have a positive impact on feelings of self-worth, belonging, and determination, which is particularly important for our student populations. The more our students feel valued and heard on campus, the more likely they are to embrace the experience and find a sense of purpose.

They bring their personal experience to their work.

More than half of our college graduates seek jobs in the public interest or public service field, which primarily includes education, government, and nonprofit employment. Even those employed in the for-profit sector identify their work as benefiting the public.

Many of our graduates also seek second jobs that enhance their professional experience. Nearly a third of these second jobs are entrepreneurial in spirit and advance our graduates’ career goals. We’re also seeing alumni pursue
volunteer positions that align with their values and build leadership skills.


They pursue graduate degrees.

When our students graduate with fewer loans and connections to professional pathways, they are much more likely to enroll in graduate school either immediately after college or following work experience.

By the time our graduates are ages 25 and above, 15% are enrolled in graduate school and 23% have obtained a graduate degree. This puts College Track graduates in line with, and in a position to surpass graduate school enrollment and completion rates for all bachelor’s degree holders, 25 years and older.

They Advance Educational Equity

College Track’s relentless pursuit of what it takes to achieve equity in America is evidence-based. Our graduates are not only able to repay loans, obtain employment, earn competitive salaries and explore graduate degrees, they do so at rates that are on par with or greater than that of bachelor’s degree holders nationwide-regardless of economic background.

Read more about our college graduates’ educational and professional outcomes.




graduated with $0 in student loan debt


employed within 6 months of graduation


median salary for graduates 25-29 years old


make more than at least one parent by age 30


have a job with employer-provided benefits


have a job that is aligned with career interests and aspirations

They Step Into Their Power

Equipped with a four-year college degree, our alumni lead a life of opportunity, choice, and power, amplify the talent within their communities, and lead a nationwide movement to democratize potential, through the power of higher education.

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Chang Liang, Consultant at XQ Institute

Brittnee Gauthier, Site Coordinator at Emerson Collective

Carolina Hernandez, Counselor at CSU East Bay