The College Track Alumni Program extends an invitation to all members of the College Track community to join our thriving online alumni network. With a nationwide presence of over 1,300 alumni, this dynamic network provides a multitude of perks. We invite you to discover exciting ways to stay engaged with opportunities to volunteer, attend social events and much more. Connect, grow, and make a difference with us. We can’t wait for the future.

Equipped with a four-year college degree, our alumni lead a life of opportunity, choice, purpose and power, amplify the talent within their communities, and lead a nationwide movement to democratize potential, through the power of higher education.

Join the CTConnect community today and access valuable professional leads and connections through College Track’s online network.

Stay engaged through:


Regional Engagement Events are localized gatherings for alumni. These events enable alumni to connect with peers in their area and build professional and personal networks.

The College Track Alumni Regional Summit aims to bring together regional alumni to foster a sense of community through shared knowledge and experiences and provide networking and professional development opportunities.

19:97 Alumni Spotlight Series showcases the achievements, success stories, and diverse experiences of our alumni. Through these spotlights, we aim to foster a sense of pride and connection among the College Track community and strengthen our alumni community.

Shared Legacy and Impact Through Volunteering and Philanthropy

Regional Area Panel (R.A.P.) Sessions are hosted at our sites for high school scholars featuring alumni who share their experiences with the program and their college journey. The panel provides insight to support current students’ understanding of the transition from high school to college and how the program has contributed to their success in higher education and beyond.

Site-Based Alumni Facilitated Workshops are interactive sessions led by alumni at our site, focusing on practical topics like navigating college and college choice. These workshops provide our high school Scholars with valuable insights and strategies from those who have successfully made the transition to college and a career.

Continuous Learning Through Professional and Personal Development

Professional Development Webinars for our alumni are online sessions designed to enhance career skills and knowledge. These webinars cover various topics relevant to career advancement and are led by alumni and industry experts, providing alumni with valuable tools and insights for professional growth.

Alumni Facilitated Webinars are online sessions focusing on personal development.. Led by alumni and industry experts, these webinars cover topics essential for personal growth and everyday life management, offering valuable insights and practical advice.

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They Advance Educational Equity

College Track’s relentless pursuit of what it takes to achieve equity in America is evidence-based. Our graduates are not only able to repay loans, obtain employment, earn competitive salaries and explore graduate degrees, they do so at rates that are on par with or greater than that of bachelor’s degree holders nationwide-regardless of economic background.

Read more about our college graduates’ educational and professional outcomes.


graduated with $0 in student loan debt


employed within 6 months of graduation


median salary for graduates 25-29 years old


make more than at least one parent by age 30


have a job with employer-provided benefits


have a job that is aligned with career interests and aspirations