Make Your Dream a Reality

College Track prepares our country's future leaders.

Students face a whole new set of obstacles once they enter a college campus.

So we stay right there with them through graduation.

Once in college, our students continue to build on the trusted relationships they established with our staff in high school. We know that resiliency in the face of challenges, particularly for first-generation students from low-income households, is essential to persist to and through college.

Our program prioritizes strengthening our students’ ability to cope with issues that inevitably surface during college so they are prepared to thrive in the workforce.

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Step 1: Attending an affordable college

At College Track, our College Completion Advisors counsel students to enroll in a Best-Fit College, institutions that:

  • Minimize student loan debt to less than or equal to $30,000
  • Have a strong track record of graduating first-generation students
  • Limit the need for students from low-income households to work while in college
  • Offer resources for Dreamers and DACA recipients

We personalize Best-Fit College lists with students based on interests, family income, citizenship status, and the ability to apply for scholarships.

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Investing in our students

College Track also offers substantial financial aid and scholarship support, so our students can take full advantage of their four-year campus experience.


College Track provides invaluable support for our Dreamers and DACA recipients. Examples of financial resources available to Dreamers include:

  • Access to need- and merit-based scholarships specifically for Dreamers and DACA recipients
  • Scholarships to cover DACA application and renewal fees
  • Free immigration screenings at local College Track centers and access to free or low-cost legal aid

To learn more, please email our National Dreamer Coordinator, Darwin Velasquez, at

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Step 2: Working with a dedicated advisor

Our College Completion Advisors offer flexible availability to respond to our students as often as they need to feel supported in their coursework and confident on campus. For students who attend college locally, our advising is done in-person as much as possible. Campus visits range from weekly office hours to once per term visits.

Academic: Advisors work alongside our students through college on anything from choosing a major to navigating registration and maintaining a high GPA.

Financial: College Completion Advisors collaborate with students on managing their expenses, applying for scholarships, and making a plan for loan repayment post-graduation.

Social-Emotional: We work with students to build self-efficacy and self-improvement skills that become invaluable to the experience of being on a college campus.

Step 3: Exploring career pathways

A key component of our college completion work is providing our students with opportunities to explore their professional options post-graduation. By introducing students to professional work environments early, our students can make the connection between their academics and possible career pathways.

Career Discovery Externship Program: College Track students visit a range of corporate partner offices to learn about different industries and practice their networking skills. This program prepares students for future internships, as they immerse themselves in the day-to-day activities of company culture. Students get to participate in interactive workshops and panels designed to help them narrow in on their career interests and build confidence in a professional environment.

Internships: We collaborate with a variety of public and private partners to make sure students maximize their time in college by securing at least one internship per year.

Step 4: Joining the College Track alumni network

When our students walk across the stage at their college graduation, they join a network of 765 alumni across the country.

Every year, families, partners, and College Track staff celebrate our newly minted college graduates at our Alumni Induction ceremonies. These events serve to welcome our alumni into the College Track Alumni Association and equip them with the resources needed to enter the working world.

Our college graduates also have access to CT Connect, an internal portal for alumni to network with one another, search job postings, and stay connected to their College Track family.

If you would like to learn more about our Alumni Association, please contact