Declare a Dream

We know our students have big dreams, and they deserve every opportunity to reach them.

The sooner we start supporting our students, the better prepared they will be for the demands of high school and college.

Our students’ 10-year journey begins in our College Track centers after-school, where students participate in three core program areas: Academic Affairs, Student Life, and College Completion.

Because no two students are the same, we don’t treat them as such. We offer an individualized approach that taps into each student’s skills and passions. Our staff holds high expectations for all students, believing that every young person is capable and worthy of the opportunities that come with higher education.


  • Academic tutoring and workshops to build key study habits
  • ACT test preparation
  • Academic coaching to improve grades and ensure college eligibility
  • Summer programs for math acceleration and credit recovery


  • Service learning based on students’ passions or interests
  • Meaningful summer experience and reflection
  • Dream declaration to develop sense of purpose
  • Social-emotional wellness support


  • College application coaching to determine “Best Fit” colleges
  • College exposure events and campus tours
  • 1:1 advising in college, including internship support and professional development
  • Scholarship access and financial aid guidance to maintain eligibility each year
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Social-emotional wellness is critical to student success in college and beyond. College Track’s Wellness program is designed to nurture our students’ social-emotional wellbeing by building the kinds of strengths and competencies that lead to college completion and a life of opportunity, choice, and power. We do so by fostering an environment at our centers that is optimized for learning and healing through trauma-informed practices and by providing evidence-based wellness education and counseling to students who need it.

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Money for College

While tuition costs at both public and private universities continue to rise, financial aid options have not kept pace with this escalation, and the financial reality can deter many students from even applying. College Track aims to ensure no student misses out on a four-year college education due to financial constraints.

From the moment students enroll in our program, they become eligible for need- and merit-based scholarship dollars that can fill the gap in financial aid packages and support key financial literacy skills.

our financial aid and scholarships
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A Focus on Our Dreamers

As we place our students’ needs front and center, we have increased services to support this important population of students and their families at this critical time for the immigrant community. Our goals for Dreamers and DACA recipients include:

  1. Feeling part of a strong and supportive community
  2. Receiving key resources to manage their immigration status
  3. Securing legal counsel in the event of an emergency
  4. Graduating with a four-year college degree
  5. Accessing social mobility for themselves and their families
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A Day In The Life

High school programming is offered up to six days a week, with additional opportunities for weekend and summer activities. At the beginning of each semester, we work with each student to create a schedule of workshops and tutoring sessions that align with their individual needs and obligations.

Example Schedule:

  • College Advisory, 4:00-5:00 PM
  • Unity Circle and Snack, 5:00-5:15 PM
  • 1:1 Tutoring, 5:15-6:00 PM
  • ACT Prep, 6:15-7:00
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Launch to College

And onto the next half of their 10-year journey.

At each of our twelve centers, we host an annual Launch to College event to celebrate our students’ enormous accomplishments throughout high school and the next step they’re taking on the path to earning a four-year degree.

Friends, family, and community partners gather to celebrate this milestone…and the ones to come.