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College Track is a comprehensive college completion program that empowers students from underserved communities to graduate from college.

From ninth grade through college graduation, our 10-year program removes the academic, financial, and social-emotional barriers that prevent low-income and first-generation students from earning a four-year college degree.


San Francisco Business Times' Giving Hub highlights College Track's partnership with Bay Area businesses


CBS New Orleans interviews students and staff on college admissions scandal

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Kevin Durant brings College Track to his hometown


Frank News interviews College Track leadership about college affordability


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Our program model, impact, and incredible student stories have been showcased in news outlets across the country.

Press Releases

We work in concert with our partners to share important milestones and announcements that impact our students and communities at-large.

Media Resources

A breadth of collateral materials are available to provide additional context into our program model and its impact to-date.

Our Expertise

With over 22 years serving students on their high school through college journey, College Track is pleased to be a resource for journalists on a variety of topics relating to college completion. Some of these topics include: college application practices, college readiness, persistence and summer melt, why a four-year college degree, maximizing financial aid options, supporting Dreamers and DACA recipients, and how we can ensure upward social mobility for today’s low-income and first-generation students.

Our Leading Voices

We believe in the power of national and local voices to speak to some of the greatest issues surrounding education and social justice and their impact on the communities we serve. Our regional leadership have a deep connection to this work and would offer significant insight to your stories.

Elissa Salas

Chief Executive Officer

Vanecia Kerr

Regional Executive Director, Colorado

Saskia Pallais

Regional Executive Director

Susan Stevenson

Regional Executive Director

Darwin Velasquez

Dreamer Coordinator

Mike Woodward

Regional Executive Director, New Orleans

Media Inquiries

For all inquiries and information, please contact Katie Hooper at,
917.439.9618 or Susan Pierson-Brown at, 206.409.4693.

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College Track alumna, Kaila is close to reaching her dream of becoming a doctor. Growing up in New Orleans, she didn’t see doctors that looked like her and is now determined to set an example and inspire others to follow their dreams. Read more here:

At our 10 centers across California, Colorado, Louisiana, and the D.C. Metro Area, @collegetrack is proving that the potential within every student is magnified by our collective investment. Learn more in our 2018-2019 Annual Report: #wearecollegetrack

Our 2018-2019 Annual Report is now available online. Every year, we report on our impact over the last year and how our alumni are leveraging their bachelor’s degrees to achieve a life of opportunity, choice, and power. Visit to read the full report.