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New Orleans

New Orleans is a strong and vibrant city, known for its charisma and resilience. Though much of the physical wreckage of Hurricane Katrina is repaired, the trauma and economic damage remain still today. A strong education can help students lead their city to continued recovery and incredible greatness, but in New Orleans in 2012, the most common school rating by the Louisiana Department of Education was an “F.” Schools with this score have between 0 and 38 percent of their students performing at grade level.

College Track New Orleans is doing its best to help students not just meet grade level, but exceed it. We want our scholars to make it through high school and college graduation with strong extracurricular and academic skills. Under the leadership of Site Director Mike Woodward, we currently serve nearly 300 students in the Greater New Orleans Area.

Key Stats

  • Year Started2008
  • Size of Initial Cohort50
  • Cumulative Number of Students Served360
  • College Enrollment129
  • High School Enrollment212
  • % of Students Accepted to 4-Year College96%

College Track New Orleans Team

  • Mike WoodwardRegional Executive Director

  • Lauren NarcisseInterim Site Director

  • Danielle FernandezOperations Manager

  • Leslie Scott-PorterAcademic Affairs Director

  • Jaime Johnson-DuplessisAcademic Affairs Manager

  • Clara Baron-HyppoliteCollege Completion Director

  • Elizabeth SmithCollege Completion Manager

  • Christina ArmstrongCollege Completion Advisor

  • Katherine Da SilvaCollege Completion Advisor

  • Jamal SimmonsCollege Completion Advisor

  • Kelsey CummingsDirector of Student Life and Wellness

Local Advisory Board

  • Anne MillingCivic Leader and Founder, Women of the Storm

  • Ayneka BrunoAgent, State Farm

  • Sherdren BurnsideFounding Site Director, College Track New Orleans

  • Storey CharbonnetPartner, Johnson & Rice, L.L.C.

  • Bill HinesPartner, Jones Walker

  • Malcolm JenkinsAthlete, National Football League

  • Barbara Jo PeaseRetired Shell Executive & Founder, Louisiana Youth Seminar

  • Adria KimbroughCounsel, Kullman Law Firm

  • Madeline WestManaging Member, West Law Firm

  • Matt WisdomCEO, Turbosquid

2225 Congress Street
New Orleans, LA 70117
Phone (504) 577-2021
Fax (504) 273-7786