Become A College Track Volunteer

You see the intrinsic value of our young people. We do too.

Maybe you remember what it was like to make college plans, how challenging it was to navigate college life or that feeling of having the support of one special person on your journey.

Whatever your “why” is for volunteering, we’re thankful you are here.

Your willingness to share your insights, expertise, and wisdom will open a new chapter of shared learning and growth.

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Work one-on-one and in small groups with our students on study skills and core high school subjects, from Math and Sciences to English Language Arts and History.


Case Manager

Assist our students in managing their academic and personal goals, offering tools for time management and prioritization.

College Advisors

Support our students in navigating their personal statements, transcripts, and scholarships by guiding them through the college application and financial aid process.

Workshop Instructor

As an Academic Instructor, you can lead lessons in core high school academic subjects. As a Student Life Instructor, you can engage students’ creativity in subjects like dance, photography, and spoken word poetry.

Guest Presenter or Host

You can make an impact on our students’ college and career journeys by sharing your knowledge as a guest presenter or hosting a company tour at your office.


The staff is the most cohesive, open staff that I’ve ever worked with. The goal is clear, and there’s clear communication about how to achieve that goal. I like how much respect I’m given. My skills are acknowledged, and I’m given space to use them.

Eileen, College Track Volunteer

The students are just an awesome group to work with – very motivated to learn, very motivated to grow. I’m not just saying that; that’s the truth. I want to be like them when I grow up.

Maurice, College Track Volunteer

I keep coming back because of my relationship with the students. When you see students feel like they’re really accomplishing something, there is no better reward.

Carole, College Track Volunteer