Where We Work

San Francisco

For generations, San Francisco has been a land of dreams. From the Gold Rush of the late 1800s to the tech-boom of today, San Francisco has stood for hope and innovation. Nevertheless, the region’s education system doesn’t support all children in making their high hopes a reality. The harsh reality is this: In San Francisco’s Bayview Hunters Point neighborhood, fewer than 1 in 20 students graduate high school eligible for college, which is why College Track San Francisco opened its doors in 2007.

College Track San Francisco’s home at the heart of Bayview will serve over 500 high school and college students within 5 years. Most of our students live in Bayview Hunters Point, Visitacion Valley/Sunnydale, and the Mission/Excelsior neighborhoods, and attend schools throughout the city. All of our students will work incredibly hard to earn a college degree.

Key Stats

  • Year Started2007
  • Size of Initial Cohort52
  • Cumulative Number of Students Served527
  • College Graduates29
  • College Enrollment197
  • High School Enrollment301
  • % of HS Graduates Enrolled in College86%

College Track San Francisco Team

  • Omar ButlerRegional Executive Director, Bay Area

  • Zoe DuskinSite Director

  • Cuahuctemoc Salinas MartellOperations Manager

  • Janelle BaileyAcademic Affairs Director

  • Sasha FooAcademic Affairs Manager

  • Jessica SamplesCollege Completion Director

  • Joshua AlcocerCollege Completion Advisor

  • Ariel ParadaCollege Completion Manager

  • Nora DwyerCollege Completion Advisor

  • Marilu Aguilar-MorenoCollege Completion Advisor

  • Veronica CoatesCollege Completion Advisor

  • Jenell LaTrese ThompsonDirector of Student Life & Wellness

  • Alvaro IbarraStudent Life Coordinator

4301 3rd Street
San Francisco, CA 94124
Phone (415) 206-9995
Fax (415) 206-9998