Where We Work


The mountains visible from Aurora, Colorado are often seen as symbols of great possibility, but the college enrollment rate for the district tells a different story – less than 25 percent of high school graduates enroll in a four-year college. We believe this can – and must – change, drastically.

Under the leadership of Site Director Jason Clark, and in partnership with Colorado-based education non-profit, Summit 54, we’re working to guide our scholars to graduate not just from high school, but from college. Aurora was College Track’s fifth site, and serves over 100 students from Rangeview High school today. Over the next three years, the site will serve nearly 300 students annually. With the right support, we know that Aurora’s students can reach any academic height and see their dreams become a reality. We’re proud to partner with the Aurora community in this work.

Key Stats

  • Year Started2011
  • Size of Initial Cohort54
  • Cumulative Number of Students Served149
  • College Enrollment48
  • High School Enrollment101
  • First HS Graduates2015
  • % of HS Graduates Enrolled in College94%

College Track Aurora Team

  • Vanecia KerrRegional Executive Director, Colorado

  • Lea DevereauxDevelopment Director, Colorado

  • Shria Tomlinson Interim Site Director

  • Lance TsosieOperations Manager

  • Veronica GonzalezAcademic Affairs Director

  • Jeanette RojasCollege Completion Director

  • Julieta LuevanoCollege Completion Manager

  • Scarlett McFarlandCollege Completion Advisor

  • Anna ValienteCollege Completion Advisor

  • Justin TenEyckStudent Life Director

16950 Iliff Avenue, Unit F4
Aurora, CO 80013
Phone (720) 748-7736