The Impact of Overturning Roe V. Wade: A Statement from College Track President & CEO Shirley M. Collado, Ph.D.

Dear College Track Community,

Today, the United States Supreme Court struck down the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that established a federal right to abortion. Without this federal ruling in place, individual states can now determine the parameters of a woman’s access to reproductive healthcare. In preparation for this decision, 13 states have already-established laws that will go into effect to restrict access and 9 more have older abortion bans that could potentially be quickly revived.

The harmful, cascading effect of this decision by the Court cannot be overstated, particularly for the communities that College Track serves.

Given the undeniable and well-documented inequities that impact the lives of our scholars, we are in clear opposition to the creation and maintenance of systemic barriers designed to prevent or curtail their ability to live a life of opportunity, choice, and power. This is such a barrier.

College Track stands for equity, access, and full participation. We believe in the democratization of potential. The Court’s decision is a dangerous extension of the actuality and legacy of oppression in America—yet another effort to marginalize and disenfranchise communities of color and those of low economic means.

I unequivocally affirm College Track’s focus on effecting social and educational justice, never more so than right now, after a decision with such far-reaching implications. We remain steadfastly committed to supporting our scholars as they step into high schools and colleges across the country and navigate the impact of this historic change.

In solidarity,

Shirley M. Collado, Ph.D.
President & CEO