The future of our democracy

Dear College Track community,

Projected President-Elect Joe Biden will take office in January and I am optimistic about the policy changes and more productive national discourse our new leadership may bring. Along with Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris, this historic win signifies that these changes can advance progress for all of us in education and the students we serve. 

The last four years have shown us how critical our students are to the future of our democracy. When we see the high turnout of young voters of color from across the country, when our students march for justice, and when they raise challenging questions and demand better of our elected officials, we are inspired by what the future holds.

As part of the College Track community, we all must continue to value educational justice and equal opportunities for all. These values transcend any one election and any one elected official. We do this work every day so that our incredible students can overcome the many systemic barriers on their paths to college and lead full lives of opportunity, choice, and power. Our vision isn’t realized until those systemic barriers are acknowledged and dismantled. That work continues. 

We are grateful for your support and partnership along the way.

In appreciation,