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Creating Lasting Change

Since 1997, College Track has grown from serving only 25 students in East Palo Alto to 2,800 high school and college students across the country. For 20 years, College Track has demonstrated a record of success. Historically, 96 percent of our high school seniors have been accepted into 4-year colleges. Our college students are graduating at a rate that is 2.4 times the national average for low-income first generation students. By focusing on quality, scale, and sustainability, we are able to measure our impact and stay focused on our goal: empowering students from underserved communities to graduate from college.

College Track Annual Report

The College Track Annual Report is a reflection of our work so we can understand what we have accomplished and understand the goals we are still striving to meet.

2014-2015 College Track Annual Report

2013-2014 College Track Annual Report

2012-2013 College Track Annual Report