Our Values

College Track Values


We have an unwavering belief in our students. We know every College Track scholar can make it to and through college — and it is our job to coach them to do so.


We are dedicated to changing our nation’s college completion story. We are devoted to building communities in which every student has the chance to earn a four-year college degree. We achieve our mission of equity and justice through our singular goal: college completion for all of our students.


We create environments rich with smiles and laughter. Hard work and joy are not mutually exclusive. The joy of doing what we love every day makes College Track a great place to work and learn. Joy inspires us to be our best, to celebrate our strengths, and to share rejuvenating moments of delight with others. We are most impactful when we are a happy, thriving community.


We believe relationships matter. We value honest communication, strong relationships, and a familial spirit. We build respect and trust as a team, and expect our students to do the same. Our differences in life experience do not divide us — rather, they are critical to our success.


Our students deserve nothing but the best. We hold high expectations for our staff and students because we know what is possible. Each of our students and team members has potential — which will only be reached if we are accountable and disciplined. We thrive by using data to inform our work, giving and receiving feedback, and continuously reflecting on what our best can be.