Summer Programs

Summer Programs

At College Track, summer isn’t time off, it’s time on. The summer months are valuable time, too precious to waste, especially when you consider the educational disadvantages that our students must overcome in just four short years. We make sure our students stay engaged and active throughout their summer break, so they can be competitive college applicants.

Summer Before 9th Grade

ASAP: Academic Summer Advancement Program

ASAP prepares incoming ninth grade students for the challenges of high school. This four-week program combines an academic curriculum with a variety of project-based activities geared at high school success.

10th and 11th Grade Summers

Experiential Learning Opportunities

The Student Life program works closely with students to ensure they are making the most of their summer months. From backpacking trips in the Rockies to cultural immersion programs in countries like Peru and Guatemala, College Track students are exposed to activities that broaden their horizons and develop their leadership skills. Learn More about Student Life at College Track

12th Grade Summer

Senior Writing Institute

For rising seniors, College Track hosts the Senior Writing Institute. During this time, students learn just how important the “personal statement” is to their college application. Students also learn to write in a clear, compelling manner. By the end of the program, each senior has a working draft of their personal statement and enters their senior year ready to tackle the college application process.