College Affairs

Over 80 percent of College Track students will be the first in their families to attend college. However, the college admissions can be tricky, and for most low-income families, this knowledge simply isn’t passed from generation to generation.

The College Affairs program works hard to overcome this disadvantage. For most of our students, things like standardized testing, letters of recommendation, transcripts, and personal statements are uncharted territory. We help to make the process as clear, straightforward, and unthreatening as possible. Here’s how:

College Tours

Beginning in the sophomore year, students are eligible to tour college campuses locally and across the country. Students get to see a college campus firsthand, so they can make better choices when deciding where to apply. During the school year, we also bring college representatives to our centers.

College Advising

We provide individual support to our seniors, helping them research schools, fill out their applications, write essays, request letters of recommendation, and meet deadlines. Each fall, a senior is matched with a volunteer advisor who helps them navigate the application process.

Scholarship Applications & Financial Aid

We encourage our students to strive for the best fit college of their choice. Beginning their freshman year, students are required to apply for scholarships. As seniors, students fill out the FAFSA and must apply to at least ten scholarships.

Scholarship Help Desk

The Scholarship Help Desk provides one-on-one support to students who need help researching and applying for scholarships.

College Support

College Track matches our college students with an advocate at their campus. Through our College Completion program, we stay in contact with every college student, providing academic and financial support until they graduate.

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