Standing with our AAPI communities

Last night, eight people, six of them Asian-American women, were brutally murdered as they went about their daily work, the latest victims in a surge of violence toward the Asian American Pacific Islander community. This is just one more in the estimated 3,795 anti-Asian racist incidents reported since the start of the pandemic, the majority against women. 

It isn’t enough to condemn these attacks—although we absolutely do—we must take action to make our communities safer and more inclusive. And we must plainly call this what it is: the actions of racist, hate-filled individuals bolstered by the white supremacy embedded in our systems and culture. 

The core of College Track’s mission is to break down the systemic barriers our students face. These attacks hit close to home not only for the one in ten College Track students who identify as AAPI, but for all of us who see both their pain and their potential. To those students and their families; we are here with you, we will fight for you and we appreciate you. We will continue to show up every day to advance greater understanding and equity within our communities. 


Elissa Salas, CEO

March 17, 2021