College Track New Orleans Senior Garners 43 College Acceptances...and Counting

Paris (left) rang in 43 college acceptances, and will be attending Loyola University New Orleans this fall.

New Orleans, LA (May 23) It’s college acceptance season, and College Track scholars are anxiously awaiting responses from colleges and universities across the country. Deciding which college to attend is an important decision in the lives of our scholars, which involve various factors such as family expectations, financial aid packages, location, and more. For College Track New Orleans scholar Paris, the decision-making process became all the more complicated when 43 college acceptances flooded her inbox—and counting. What’s even more incredible is that her institutional financial aid and scholarship offers exceeded $2 million, with the most generous offer coming from Jacksonville State University at $128,000 for all four years.

Paris began applying to colleges in August after polishing her personal statement during College Track’s weeklong College Prep Institute in June. She shared, “My College Access Director, Ms. Lizzy, helped me get ahead. I started by applying to one college per day, then ten colleges per day. With my two letters of recommendation and personal statement in hand, the application process became manageable.” After submitting 160 college applications and carefully considering her options, Paris has committed to attending her dream school: Loyola University New Orleans. 

Looking forward, Paris is excited about getting involved in Greek life and student government. She said, “I can’t wait to explore early adult life. I want to join different student organizations and make new friends. After college, I want to be a crime scene investigator, but I’m also curious about the education sector. I’d like to open a center like College Track, catering to students with different learning abilities.” Inspired by her younger brother, Paris has taken it upon herself to support him and her classmates, ensuring they have the tools, resources, and information necessary to maximize their educational experience. 

Although her time as a College Track high school scholar is coming to an end, Paris recalled one of her favorite memories: “I don’t do boats. But last year, at the end of College Prep Institute, my class and I took a swamp tour. Knowing how scared I am of boats, Ms. Lizzy didn’t tell me the plan until the day of. I kept my eyes closed the entire time, even when a crocodile swam up to us!” Upon setting foot on solid ground, Paris opened her eyes, feeling relieved and proud to have faced one of her biggest fears.

As she prepares to embark on the next chapter of her journey, Paris reflected on lessons learned, and shared some advice for other scholars following in her footsteps, “Consider what you want out of your college experience. Don’t feel pressured to attend a college just because others want you to go there. Go where it feels right for you.” 

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