Academic Affairs

The Academic Affairs Program provides a variety of integrated services to ensure students develop skills, habits, and mindsets needed to take on the academic and socio-emotional rigors of completing college.

Academic Affairs is a comprehensive program that supports and encourages students to succeed in high school while preparing them for the challenges of college. Every College Track student is expected to maintain at least a 3.0 GPA and to earn college ready scores on the ACT. In order for students to reach these goals, our Academic Affairs Directors work with students to help them develop academic skills and effective behaviors and mindsets through a series of activities and services. These include:


Tutoring sessions provide students with assistance with their homework while also taking into account students’ need to develop key academic skills and habits that will lead to academic growth and college readiness.

Academic Workshops

Enrichment Workshops and Honors Seminars reinforce key common core and college readiness skills while also allowing “near-ready” students to experience a classroom environment similar to college, engaging them in new material and opening their minds to a variety of subjects.

Academic Case Management

On Track/Case Management gives academically struggling students a 1:1 mentor and space to develop academic habits and positive mindsets as well as study skills as a gateway to academic achievement.

ACT Preparation

ACT Prep is extra preparation, mostly in 11th grade but also before, for the high-stakes ACT Test so that students can reach their best score. High school freshmen and sophomores take the ACT Explore and Plan diagnostic exams to help them prepare for the ACT.

Study Groups

Study Groups are small groups of students taking the same class (i.e. Biology, Algebra) who study together with a tutor to simulate a college level study group as well as get valuable extra support from their peers and an expert tutor.

Study Squads

Study Squads give students with “below benchmark” scores on Explore or Plan specific tools, strategies, case management and individual goals in order to improve their ability to access grade-level material and develop their math, reading and writing skills.

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