Student Life

Colleges are not just interested in smart students; they are looking for well-rounded students who are bright, motivated, committed, and involved. The Student Life program provides students with the opportunities, resources, and tools to explore their passions while preparing for college success.

To allow students to build upon their personal interests, talents, and community spirit, the Student Life program focuses on three core areas:

Youth Development

Our goal is for all students to develop the personal and professional skills necessary to succeed in college, their careers, and beyond. Students participate in at least one experience per year focused on Personal Development, Arts, Enrichment, or Health and Wellness through our Student Life workshops. Additionally, all students are expected to engage in meaningful summer experiences. These opportunities enable CT students to interact with people from various communities, explore possible career fields and enhance and demonstrate their leadership skills.

Service and Community Engagement

Research shows that when students are engaged in service and community work, they make gains in measures of academic achievement, citizenship, and character. College Track expects all students to complete 100 hours of community service during their time in the high school program in order to have the opportunity to feel connected and give back to their communities. They are encouraged to step outside of their comfort zones and advocate for change that is meaningful to them and the community in which they are working. We support students in maintaining a strong relationship to their chosen organization in order to ensure sufficient time for relationship building, problem solving and reflection of impact.

Experiential Education

College Track recognizes the value of stepping outside of the classroom and giving students the opportunity for hands on learning. The Student Life program provides exposure and access to experiential learning opportunities that promote the academic, career, and individual goals of our students. Our students have participated in backpacking trips, Close Up in Washington, DC, field trips to cultural institutions, and even cultural immersion programs abroad.

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