College Completion

At College Track, we don’t just help students get into college, we stick with them, and help them graduate. We also stay close with them, even after they graduate.

The College Completion team is committed to ensuring our students graduate from 4-year colleges. We visit our students at their college campuses so we can advise them on their majors, assist them with financial aid and scholarships, and help them find resources on their campuses. Through our Alumni Association, we promote engagement and leadership with our graduates through online networking tools, annual alumni events, and skill building workshops.

“The College Success Program pushed me to keep going and made me feel like someone was available to help me when I had no one else to turn to.”
-Karla, College Track 2006, UC Santa Cruz 2010

There are four main components to the program:

Making the transition from high school to college easier

In the spring of our students’ senior year, College Success provides financial planning workshops, academic advising, and social/emotional support. Because getting into college is one thing, being financially and emotionally ready for it is another.

Keeping our college students engaged

Our team is committed to doing whatever it takes to make sure our students graduate from college. We visit students on campus, provide academic advising, connect students with on-campus resources, provide need- and merit-based scholarships, and host an annual student reunion.

Partnering with colleges nationwide

College Track builds relationships with admissions directors and key campus leaders at colleges nationwide to help our students stay well informed about the admissions process. This also helps us identify the colleges that will provide the resources our students need to be successful.

Sponsoring the Alumni Association

The College Track Alumni Association lets our alumni stay in touch with each other through annual reunion events, workshops, and online social networking tools. Learn more about the Alumni Association.