New Partnership with ZeeMee Helps Students Create Stand-Out College Application

Oakland, CA | February 17, 2017

College Track is thrilled to announce a formal collaboration with ZeeMee, the professional social media platform that brings high school students’ stories to life in order to showcase their passions and interests during the college application process. As part of the partnership, College Track will use the platform to capture students’ personal declarations of their dreams and passions, which are strongly linked to successful student outcomes.

“College Track is not just keeping up with the latest technology, we are actively leading and innovating by using technology like ZeeMee to provide deep support to our students as they transition to college,” noted Paul Fields, College Track’s Director of Partnerships.

College Track’s program is designed around the belief that students who actively pursue a dream and have a sense of purpose are more likely to take ownership of their future and experience self-efficacy. The partnership with ZeeMee will allow students to illustrate these dreams to college admissions officers and align their purpose to their higher education goals. View an example of a ZeeMee profile here.

“ZeeMee was founded on the principal of offering the traditionally overlooked student a better chance of success by developing a visual story to accompany their college application,” said co-founder and CEO, Juan Jaysingh. “Everyone has a story to tell, no matter what their background may be.”

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About ZeeMee

ZeeMee was co-founded by college roommates Juan Jaysingh and Adam Metcalf. ZeeMee’s mission is to bring students' stories to life and connect them with life-changing opportunities. The free platform focuses on helping students transition from high school to college by empowering them to showcase their passions and interests during the application process and connecting them through exclusive communities prior to and during their college experience. Additionally, ZeeMee offers the opportunity for students to engage with peers once they decide on a school, find roommates, meet others in the programs and use a school-specific chat function. For additional information visit: