Our graduates are upwardly mobile, earning more than their parents

For a second year, we have surveyed our college graduates to test our belief that a bachelor’s degree is the gateway to a successful career, economic security, and unlocking one’s full potential. This year’s social mobility study shows us that there is much to be optimistic about once our low-income and first-generation students attain a college degree. The report also identifies behaviors in college that lead to better career outcomes for all students.


Continuing Support for DREAMers Post DACA Repeal

On Tuesday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the dismantling of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. The decision repeals an executive action that protected over 800,000 undocumented immigrants from deportation who came to the country as children. It also provided DREAMers the opportunity to get a driver's license and a work permit - documents essential to pursuing higher education and moving up the socioeconomic ladder.

The repeal of DACA runs counter to everything College Track stands for. We are a community of people who have the audacity to believe it is our responsibility to ensure our students can and will dream about a better future for themselves, their families, and our nation. When access to education is restricted because of where a child was born, we begin to lose our grip on the ideal of the American Dream.


New Partnership with ZeeMee Helps Students Create Stand-Out College Application

Social Media Platform Allows Students To Showcase Dreams and Passions 

College Track is thrilled to announce a formal collaboration with ZeeMee, the professional social media platform that brings high school students’ stories to life in order to showcase their passions and interests during the college application process. As part of the partnership, College Track will use the platform to capture students’ personal declarations of their dreams and passions, which are strongly linked to successful student outcomes.


College Track Students Get Jobs Faster Than The National Average

College completion matters, but the possibilities a degree catalyzes afterwards is core to our mission. In new research, we discovered the factors that increase the value of a college degree and helped College Track students get jobs faster than the average new grad.


#QuieroAprender: Cynthia’s Story

When Cynthia Erenas was eight years old, her father risked everything to move their family from Mexico to the United States. As a young teenager feeling disconnected in her new home, Cynthia struggled at school until a teacher gave her the push she needed to join College Track, a program that helps students succeed in high school and beyond.

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