College Track keeps freshmen on path to be university grads

By Cathie Anderson

Students of color are gaining entry into the nation’s colleges and universities in increasing numbers, but they aren’t graduating at the same rate as their peers.

While the reasons for this vary for each person, an underlying issue for most is that none of their relatives is a graduate. They don’t have one person to consult or lean upon when they encounter financial obstacles, academic challenges or, occasionally, discouragement from faculty.


College Track’s Eddie Koen Speaks Before Denver City Council

Last month, College Track Regional Executive Director, Eddie Koen spoke at the Denver City Council Legislative Meeting about the obstacles facing low-income students. Today, fifty percent of adults in Denver have an associate’s degree or higher, yet the city has one of the highest equity gaps between whites and non-whites in the nation. These incredible young people are not given the opportunity to succeed.

College Track is committed to empowering students from underserved communities to graduate from college. In 2016, we plan to open a second Colorado site at Abraham Lincoln High School in partnership with Denver Public Schools. 



Beyond The Dream: College Track

The Fox News series "Beyond The Dream" and award winning host Kelly Wright, highlight College Track San Francisco and our amazing students. Watch the video here


Mayor Garcetti Says Watts Has Bright Future

In July, College Track launched its eighth site in the Los Angeles community of Watts in partnership with Jordan High School. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti says "the Watts community has a bright future ahead." College Track and other organizations are bringing much needed resources to the community.


College Track Students Join First Lady Michelle Obama at 2015 Beating the Odds Summit

College Track students Samrawit Keleta and Cendy De La Torre will join First Lady Michelle Obama and 130 college-bound students from across the country to participate in the 2015 Beating the Odds Summit on Thursday, July 23. As part of the First Lady’s Reach Higher initiative, these students represent a mix of urban, rural, foster, homeless, special needs, and underrepresented youth who have overcome substantial obstacles to persist through high school and make it to college.